Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything I can check on my Air conditioning Unit before I call for service?

Yes! One of the first items that most air condition and heating clients miss is checking their air filter once a month. A handy reminder for us, is that when you get your electric bill in the mail, simply use that as your gauge to change out your air conditioning filter. Secondly, be sure to check your circuit breaker before you call for Air Conditioning Service or Repair. This common quick fix is the largest source of our emergency service calls. Lastly, an extended service agreement might be an additional item to ensure “peace of mind” regarding your air conditioning and heating needs.

Why should I purchase a service agreement?

Proper care of your equipment can save you real dollars on your utility bills. Some air conditioning and heating problems can double operating costs without reducing comfort. Just 100th of an inch of dirt or film on an evaporator coil can reduce cooling and heating efficiency by 5%. All leading manufacturers recommend regular maintenance to maintain peak performance. A service agreement will give you the piece of mind that your system is operating at optimum efficiency and performance.

What does SEER mean to me?

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is the measure of efficiency by which the cooling process of air conditioners and heat pumps are rated. The higher the SEER number, the greater the efficiency, which translates into greater energy savings. Today, U.S. regulatory agencies require all new models to have a 13.0 SEER rating or better.

My current system isn't cooling my home. Does that mean I need a bigger system?

Do you need a bigger system to cool your home? Not necessarily. Failure to cool properly could be caused by many different factors, including poor installation, duct leaks, improper refrigerant levels, and dirty coils. It's not uncommon to actually replace a poorly functioning unit with a smaller one that's functioning properly.

How do I know which equipment is best?

There are many options in A/C equipment. The needs of you and your family must be taken into consideration when deciding on the type of equipment best suited for your home. Call us today to discuss your options and to schedule an appointment for a free, on-site proposal.

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